Augustines World Photography

Hi and welcome to the Gallery Sales website for Augustine's World.

I am Augustine Mathews, a photographer and storyteller based in Australia, but thankfully I am often not at home. My world as shown here is a collection of words and pictures that reflect my life experiences, my hopes and my dreams.

I began writing the Augustinesworld blog in October 2011 and with my lust for travel firmly entrenched I have carried on my journey, telling the stories of my adventures, punctuated with my images.

Within these galleries you will find photos from all over the world, some recognisable landmarks, others more abstract or landscape.  My photographic style does not easily lend itself to categories but I have done my best.

All photos on this website are available for purchase in different print forms, including paper, canvas and high-gloss metal. Calendars and special needs can also be met. To purchase any photo from the site, there are 3 ways you can do it:

* Digital downloads

* High-quality Paper Prints of all sizes to put in frames

* Beautiful wall art such as prints on gloss metal, or canvas. You don't need frames for these.

If you'd like to know the differences between the 3 styles you can buy, please contact me at:

I hope you enjoy browsing my galleries as much as I did in taking the photos.

Thank you.

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